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Now You Can Think Beyond Tandem Paragliding at Interlaken



Paragliding is an adventure sports activity that attracts many adventurers. Switzerland is full of outdoor activity adventures, be it summer or winter, snow or water paragliding is the best short sports adventure that cheers any adventurer up in any conditions. Zurich Paragliding is offering the best experience of tandem paragliding without having to travel to Interlaken, Switzerland. As our flying site is situated right on laps of the Alps, you can enjoy the snow, the mountains, and the lakes in any weather condition.

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Experiencing best paragliding

Paragliding is a unique adventure sport that enables you to fly like a bird and enjoy the view from an upper angle. The wind blowing through the face, the smell of the freshness of the mountains and the lake’s crystal clear water, all together delivers the most beautiful paragliding experience. Just because of the high cost range, a large number of tourists do not show their earnest interest to make an experience of paragliding in Interlaken. Zurich Paragliding assures you that you can make such amazing experience mainly in Central Switzerland. We often fly seeing the amazing views of Lake Lucerne. In the heart melting scenery of Switzerland an adventurer makes his/her experience in a budget friendly cost only with Zurich Paragliding.
Now you don’t need to visit Interlaken for the best tandem paragliding adventure. The best paragliding school ‘Zurich Paragliding’ brings a handful of offers for you to get the essence of Swiss Paragliding within your budget.
Don’t waste your time and reserve your seat to make adventure activities in Switzerland without visiting the pricy Interlaken Switzerland Tandem.

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Pricing and Cost

Zurich Paragliding is providing its exquisite services with different plans and prices. There are- Early Bird Plan which can be enjoyed for 4-9 minutes in CHF 180, Experience Plan starting from CHF 200 (10-20 min) Panorama Plan which gives you 20-60 minutes of fly time starting from CHF 260, and Special Tandem Flights to enable yourself to make an experience at some of the best paragliding sites in Switzerland.

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Customer Feedback

The adventurers who are already familiar with Zurich Paragliding know our services and hold a positive response. As per our research, our customers had a very nice experience and the best time during their visit to Switzerland. Check out our 5 star reviews on Google and TripAdvisor.
Zurich Paragliding is also known as the best outdoor adventuring company in Switzerland for its exclusive services and jaw-dropping price. To experience the best outdoor activities, contact us and we will take care of your adventure as we follow fool-proof safety measurements.
Are you seeking an unforgettable tandem paragliding experience from wide the balcony of Engelberg, Zurich or Lucerne? Float above the boundary-less sky of Lake Lucerne and the daunting valley of Alps? No one can beat the sparkling services of Zurich Paragliding.

As we all know, Swiss Paragliding is the best paragliding experience in the world, it can be enjoyed alone. Being a part of Tandem Paragliding, means involving an expert which takes away the magic of lone adventure. We here in Zurich Paragliding, also provide schooling for paragliders and other outdoor adventurers to make themselves a professional adventurer and to experience the magic in their own style.

In order to enable yourself to make an experience with the best paragliding in Zurich, contact us and get started with your training or go for the best tandem paragliding available in Switzerland.

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