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Paragliding in Switzerland

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Paragliding in Switzerland: Amazing Swiss Alps Experience Zurich Paragliding brings lots of offers for you regarding your paragliding experience in the wondrous valleys of the Alps. Now you don’t need to go to Interlaken for an astonishing paragliding experience. Interlaken is a site of tandem paragliding for the masses. Just because adventure sports are costly…

Baschi und Loco Escrito– offen für die Schweiz wie noch nie

Loco Escrito Gleitschirm

Die Welt hat sich verändert. Für Baschi und Loco Escrito eine grossartige Möglichkeit, der Schweiz mit mehr Offenheit zu begegnen und Unbekanntes zu wagen – einen Gleitschirm-Tandemflug zum Beispiel. Das Coronavirus hat unseren Alltag, unser Leben umgekrempelt. Nichts ist mehr wie es war. Mühsam? Nicht nur – denn die neue Normalität ist auch eine Chance,…

Paragliding or Skydiving: How to select one in a trip to Switzerland?

a person flying through the air on a cloudy day

Just like a flock of birds, hovering above the mountains through clouds and air, flying from the east to west or north to south is the best part of Paragliding. Adventurers who love to experience falling towards the earth, have chosen various kinds of outdoor sports activities such as, skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping, slingshot, and…

Now You Can Think Beyond Tandem Paragliding at Interlaken


  Paragliding is an adventure sports activity that attracts many adventurers. Switzerland is full of outdoor activity adventures, be it summer or winter, snow or water paragliding is the best short sports adventure that cheers any adventurer up in any conditions. Zurich Paragliding is offering the best experience of tandem paragliding without having to travel…