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Zürich Paragliding Pilots

Zürich Paragliding

Flight safety is a combination of experience, good equipment and prudent behavior of the pilot. In this you will be offered maximum safety! All tandem pilots are full-blood flyers and are officially licensed by the Swiss Hang Gliding And Paragliding Association. The pilots’ many years of experience guarantee maximum safety during the whole flight. The tandem pilots’ liability insurance covers CHF 5,000,000.

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Marcel Schmid

Tandem Pilot

Professioneller Tandempilot seit 2004
Passionierter Streckenflieger

Iamina Ilea

Lady Pilot
Name: Iamina Ilea
Paragliding since: 2006
Hobbies: paragliding, mountainbiking, backcountry skiing, skydiving
Qualifications: Tandem Pilot and Paragliding Instructor
Experience: working in Romania, Nepal and US as paraglidding instructor and tandem pilot in the last 10 years
Nicest moments in paragliding: flying long XCs, 100+km flights in the Himalaya, the Alps, Australia, Kenya, the Rocky Mountains US, the Carpathian Mts., paragliding exploration in New Caledonia,  doing the The Ghana Paragliding Festival