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Paragliding or Skydiving: How to select one in a trip to Switzerland?

a person flying through the air on a cloudy day

Just like a flock of birds, hovering above the mountains through clouds and air, flying from the east to west or north to south is the best part of Paragliding. Adventurers who love to experience falling towards the earth, have chosen various kinds of outdoor sports activities such as, skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping, slingshot, and more. Paragliding delivers the most unique adventure among them. Zurich Paragliding is enabling adventurers to dive into the various heart melting locations within Switzerland.

In Switzerland, the beauty of heaven touches earth in the mesmerizing way. There are several unique spots for paragliding. With the best outdoor sport paragliding, you can make an experience in this country.

Zurich Paragliding, the most reliable and very affordable Paragliding School in Switzerland provides the best qualities of gliding grips, methods and tricky lessons to enhance the level of adventure for its clients.

You can get the authentic essence of flying though air in an astonishing way that no other company provides.

Now you don’t need to go to Interlaken to make such unique experience. Zurich Paragliding provides you the long paragliding flight on a small budget. Take the delight of flying and the spectacular views of snow covered Alps with us and make your travel memorable.

Skydiving has some mandatory safety measurements. While skydiving in Switzerland the following safety measurements protect you from any kind of accident during the activity. Let`s see what safety measurements must be looked at during a skydive experience:


    • Jumpsuit to protect your body from cold air and keeping it warm. The jumpsuit should be in one piece. It should be durable enough to prevent scratches.
    • The helmet is must to put on in order to protect your head against any kind of collision. No jump is 100% safe so, you have to use the protection.
    • Glasses should be clear and fully eye covered to protect the eyes from small particles from the air.


    • The altimeter is a must to keep a track of your height and to know when to open the parachute.
    • Automatic Activation Device (AAD) to keep a computerised eye to the altimeter. Usage of this device will be taught at the time of training.
    • The harness is very important to keep yourself attached to the parachute.


    • Proper training before starting the skydiving adventure is very important in order to know about what is it likes to be up there and what should be done. Zurich Paragliding is providing training and schooling only for paraglider pilots.

Cost and price

Zurich Paragliding services are affordable and reasonable. We provide our services for a reasonable amount that other service companies fails to deliver. You also can enjoy the benefits by contacting and reserving a seat for yourself.

Customer Feedback

People love our services. According to their feedback, Zurich Paragliding offers safe paragliding services within affordable prices. Adventurers who are already familiar with Zurich Paragliding know about our services and come back to us for another adventure.

In this blog, we have discussed the benefits and the perks of paragliding, safety measurements in skydiving and how to be safe during these kinds of activities. Zurich Paragliding is one of the best available outdoor sports company. So, do not wait, just choose the best ever outdoor sports activity company Zurich Paragliding and start getting ready to dive into the adventure.

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