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Paragliding in Switzerland

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Paragliding in Switzerland: Amazing Swiss Alps Experience

Zurich Paragliding brings lots of offers for you regarding your paragliding experience in the wondrous valleys of the Alps. Now you don’t need to go to Interlaken for an astonishing paragliding experience. Interlaken is a site of tandem paragliding for the masses. Just because adventure sports are costly at places due to high commercialisation, you don’t need to retrench paragliding from your tour plan. With Zurich Paragliding, you can make such experience in a budget-friendly package.

Paragliding services at Central Switzerland:

Switzerland is often known as “Heaven on Earth”, for its unbeatable scenic beauty. Now think yourself in the middle of the sky, paragliding over the Swiss Alps. Absolutely stunning feeling, isn’t it? So Zurich paragliding services come up with some amazing as well as affordable paragliding service that you do not have to think twice.



  • Zurich:

Zurich Paragliding is the place where you will get the best experience to lift your soul and enjoy every bit of it. Join one of our shuttles and let us take you to the mountains for a flight. Enjoy the ride and the panoramic views with a fresh drink in your hand.

  • Titlis, Engelberg: Would you like to enjoy an amazing paragliding flight seeing the prestigious Mount Titlis in front of you? Our paragliding tours into the valley of Engelberg offer you the best thermal upwind for paragliding, amazing views on glacier mountains covered in snow and wind protection for days with strong blowing meteorological winds.
  • Brunnen, Swiss Knife Valley:
    Brunnen is a beautiful city where you can:
    – visit a Swiss Chocolate Factory
    – build your own swiss knife in the Victorinox factory
    – do amazing paragliding tandem flights with Zürich Paragliding with a lake view
  • Lake Lucerne: Just like Zurich, Lake Lucerne is one of the most preferable paragliding sites for the tourists. Take panoramic views of the Swiss Alps from the unbounded sky up to a full hour of tandem paragliding. During this heart-melting flight, take a handful of spectacular views of the shining Lake Lucerne and the peak of Engelberg. Zurich Paragliding always ready to provide such thrilling experiences with adequate safety. 

Experience of the tandem paragliding

  • Our tandem pilot helps you with the double-seated paraglider. They give you a brief explanation about the take-off and landing. Giving a short test run, you and your pilot will be attached together to the paragliders and after cross verification of the final safety, you are ready to fly.
  • After checking the correct wind direction, the pilot will inflate the paraglider and after that; you will be lifted into the air and off to the mountains. It is much easier than you think!
  • Once you are done with paragliding, we finally prepare you for landing. We will make sure that your landing experience will be as amazing as your flying experiences.

Your safety is our prime responsibility:

Zurich paragliding services are safe as the training is provided by experienced pilots. As take-off and landing are the crucial things, we fly only with modern equipment and with tandem pilots licensed by Swiss Paragliding and Hang-Gliding Association.

Live your dream and experience paragliding in the minimum budget:

Paragliding Service Tandem Flights
Duration 4-9 minutes /5-15 minutes/ 20-60 minutes/ 4-5 hours
Ages 4-101 years (Permission required  under 16 years)
Price CHF 180 – CHF 850


You will get a stunning paragliding experience with a minimum budget and our Pilots are highly professional and they will give you all the necessary training before taking off. What are you waiting for? Quickly plunge into our website and get a good deal with Zurich Paragliding services.


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From CHF230

Christmas is here! All our our all inclusive flights are sensational as a gift idea for your beloved ones. In addition, the ride to the takeoff is included. At your request we will create a nice voucher for your ordered tandem flight.