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Zürich Paragliding

Tandemflüge in der Zentralschweiz

Wir bringen Sie aus Zürich, um Ihnen die Schweizer Berge aus der Vogelperspektive zu zeigen.

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Full-Service Tandem Paragliding Flüge in der Schweiz!

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Gruppenrabatte (ab 8 Passagieren)

Lebe den Traum und fliege mit einem Experten in der Schweiz!

Haben Sie jemals davon geträumt, über die Berge zu fliegen und den Wind in Ihrem Gesicht zu spüren? Folgen Sie dem Ruf Ihrer Träume und starten Sie mit einem Pro-Tandem-Instruktor von Zürich Paragliding von einem wunderschönen Berg in den Schweizer Alpen!
Unsere Berufspiloten sind bereit, ihre Leidenschaft mit Ihnen zu teilen.

Ihre Sicherheit steht bei uns an erster Stelle!

Bewertungen für Tandem-Gleitschirmfliegen in Zürich

What a wonderful day! Pure happiness!

This was the 2nd flight I did with Gabor - and again it was wonderful. Gabor really has so much experience (check him out on youtube!!) and he is a very considerate person - something that is important to me concerning a flight instructor... we flew from Mount Pilatus and Gabor took us really far - all over Lucerne and the surrounding mountains - what a wonderful day! I will always remember this experience :-)

– what413, TripAdvisor
Unreal MUST DO

We went mid July and have to say it's like nothing we've ever seen. It's the greatest way to experience this area by far! They picked us up at the train station and dropped us off after. Can't say enough about them. Wouldn't choose anyone else to paraglide with!

– Dan L., TripAdvisor
Best birthday present ever!!

Hi Guys, if you ever get the chance - make sure to take a tandem flight with Gábor! Oh and yes he is a world champion and yes in paragliding acrobatics!! - after a flight with him you will be bored in theme park rides :) But to the more risk averse people: Dont worry. Apart from the optional acrobatics its a very calm experience to fly and a great way to enjoy the breathtaking view of central Switzerland Gábor is an amazing pilot and a very nice guy. I got a flight with him as a birthday gift and I assure you it was the best gift ever :)))

– Toby_de_Bon, TripAdvisor
There is no better feeling than flying

Great fun, breath-taking views, adrenaline kick and so much more! Flying with Gabor will give you the unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for a smooth glide over Swiss Alps, the excitement of acrobatic maneuvers performed by the world-class pilot with you in a front seat or improving your own piloting skills under the supervisor of very experienced instructor and fantastic teacher – Gabor offers it all. I can only recommend!

– anulaanka, TripAdvisor
Lifetime experience! :)

It's was such a great pleasure to fly with Gabor. You just have to try it! He is former Paragliding World Champion so I felt super safe in his hands. Next time when we will visit CH I will fly again it's sure! Thank you Gabor for this beautiful memory hope to see you soon again! Can't wait for it :)

– Sightseer574425, TripAdvisor