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Medium Tandem Flights

Quick Details

Infinity Tandem

Medium Paragliding Adventure

Passengers do not need any previous knowledge in paragliding. The tandem instructor provides all the necessary information at the starting point.

Our Photo & Video Service

We offer a professional video and photo service as an add-on for all tandem flights. Just focus on the flying while the pilot takes about 10-15 photos and one to two videos during your airborne adventure. You can watch the recordings after we land, and we will copy all of the clips to your smartphone or on a USB card that you can take home. This service costs CHF 30.

Panorama (20-60 min.)

Experience the beautiful panorama of the Swiss Alps from a bird’s-eye view.

Flying Sites: 

  • Brändlen, Wolfenschiessen
  • Büelen, Wolfenschiessen
  • Brunni, Engelberg
  • Niederbauen, Emmetten
  • Stanserhorn, Stans
  • Rigi, Küssnacht

Pilatus (20-60 min.)

The famous Mount Pilatus offers big, beautiful, long – but certainly not ordinary – paragliding flights!

Flying Site: 

  • Mount Pilatus, Luzern

Infinity Tandem (15-20 min.)

Together, we swing like a jump rope around the paraglider. It is an incredible feeling to see the world upside down during a tandem flight! For several years, flying the infinity maneuver has been a privilege of a handful of the world’s best paragliding pilots who have spent a lot of time and energy exploring and refining it. Since August 2010, the justACRO team (Pal Takats and Gabor Kezi) has made it possible to fly this acro-maneuver with a two-seat paraglider. The Infinity flight can be combined with an Acro tandem flight or a coaching tandem flight (without surcharge).

Flying Sites: 

  • Chäserrugg, Walenstadt
  • Monte Generoso, Melano
  • Garda Lake, Italy
  • Ölüdeniz, Turkey
  • Klewenalp, Beckenried

What to Bring

  • Good shoes
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Windproof jacket, sunglasses, long pants, and gloves recommended in all seasons
  • Voucher, if available
  • Good mood
  • Don’t forget your Halbtax or GA (if available) for the cable car!

How Does it Work?

is it complicated to go paragliding?