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Full Day Paragliding

Quick Details

Pilot Coaching

Full Day Tandem Paragliding Experience

Join us for a special paragliding day, whether you have flying experience or not. The tandem instructor briefs you with all the necessary information at the starting point prior to the flight.

Our Photo & Video Service

We offer our photo and video service for all tandem flights so you can take home some awesome visuals to help you remember your experience. The pilot takes around one to two videos or 10-15 photos during your airborne experience. After the landing, you can check out the recordings and we will copy everything to your smartphone. This service costs CHF 40.

Pilot Coaching (3-4 Hours)

Take your subject with you; it will be analyzed and live-trained. Our goal is to arrange briefings, debriefings, and solo or tandem flights, so that at the end of the day you can go home as a better pilot.

During the coaching, it is possible to train certain maneuvers solo or tandem with the help of the double brake system.

Daydream (5-6 hours)

You fly with your daily pilot from different starting places or we do a cross-country flight.

Flying Sites: 

  • Rigi, Arth-Goldau
  • Urmiberg, Brunnen
  • Brändlen, Wolfenschiessen
  • Büelen, Wolfenschiessen
  • Brunni, Engelberg
  • Fürenalp in Engelbergertal
  • Niederbauen, Emmetten
  • Stanserhorn, Stans
  • Klewenalp, Beckenried
  • Mount Pilatus, Luzern
  • Urmiberg, Brunnen
  • Rotenflue, Rickenbach
  • Fiesch, Wallis
  • Riederalp, Wallis

What to Bring

  • Good shoes
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Long pants, windproof jacket, gloves, and sunglasses recommended year-round
  • Voucher, if available
  • Good mood
  • For the cable car, remember to bring your Halbtax or GA if available!

How Does it Work?

is it complicated to go paragliding?